Arx-160 rifle

Weapon description:' The ARX-160 is an assault rifle manufactured by Pietro Beretta S.p.A.. Developed for the Italian armed forces as part of the Soldato Futuro (Future Soldier in English) program, the ARX-160 has been launched in the year 2008 as a commercial weapon system independent from the Soldato Futuro ensemble, complete with a companion single-shot 40mm NATO low-velocity grenade launcher, called GLX-160, which can be underslung to the rifle or used with an ad-hoc stock system as a stand-alone weapon.

Weapon stats:

Caliber: 5.56x45mm

Fire mode: Semi/Full

Accuracy: 67

Mobility: 73

Range: 72

Reload: 65

Control: 68

the Arx-160 is a very good assault rifle, they have good damage (same damage that the hk416) and very good control. They have a good accuracy and have a large number of custom parts. For a ncash+gold gun is my favorite gun !!!

thumb|500px|right|the test of the arx-160