CAR is an Assault Rifle that uses a CAR receiver body. It can use parts from the M4, M16, and HK416 rifles.

The CAR weapons group is found in M16/M4, and HK416 weapon categories in the Assault Rifle group. The CAR uses the the M4 as its HUD icon, even when the CAR model is not an M4.

The most common variant of the CAR is referred to as the M4. The M4 is the most used Assault Rifle in the game.

A player can add all kinds of modifications to the CAR, like ACOG scopes or the Reflex sights and many more.

The pre-made CAR models are:

Trivia Edit

  • CAR is short for CAR-15, which stands for the Colt Automatic Rifle-15 Military Weapons System, a family of assault rifles created by Colt starting in the mid-1960s. These rifles include the M16A1 and the M4 Commando. The majority of these rifles actually never made it beyond the prototype stage, with only the Rifle and Commando versions being put into commercial production.