Below is a list of all the weapons available to use in Operation 7.

For more details of the weapon visit the weapon link

Saiga-12 (shotgun)

AA-12 (auto shotgun)

Cheytac (Sniper)

Arx-160 (Assault)

Ppsh-41 (Smg)

Wa2000 ( sniper)

ACR (Assault)

Thompson (Smg)

Lee-Enfield ( Rifle)

Scar (Assault)

Mp7 (Smg)

Vss (Sniper)

Xm8 (Assault)

Tar-21 (Assault)

Spectre (Smg)

Spas-15 (Shotgun)

Sg-550 (Assault)

Sca-M11 (Smg)

Msg-90 (Sniper)

Mk43 (MG)

Mg3 (MG)

Mcs1 (MG)

M60E3 (MG)

M24 (Sniper)

L85a1 (Assault)

G3 (Assault)

FN Fal (Assault)

Dza Srs (Sniper)

Awsm (Sniper)

An-94 (Assault)

Valtra pm-5 (Shotgun)

Dragunov svd (Sniper)

Type 89 (Assault)

M14a1 (Assault-Sniper)

PP-19 bizon (Smg)

Famas (Assault)

FN-Spr (Sniper)

HK416 (Assault)

P90 (Smg)

Aug (Assault)

M249 Saw (MG)

SR-M100 SASS (Sniper)

Ump 45 (Smg)

Mp5a4 (Smg)

G36 (Assault)

Ak-47 (Assault)

Aks-74 (CQB Assault)

Ak-74 (CQB Assault)

M4 (Assault)

M16a4 (Assault)


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