The Desert Eagle is a secondary weapon considered as a combat pistol.


The design of Desert Eagle is a gas-operated semi-automatic pistol. It is heavier than most pistols. This design was made by Magnum Research. It is relativity more powerful than other pistols in the game. The Desert Eagle uses 7-rounds magazines and is chambered in .50AE(Action Express). The Desert Eagle is featured in many films, motion pictures, and TV films.

Although recoil is high, it is controlable and its spread is low. It fires in semi-automatic, an
Desert Eagle
d it is very useful in between close to mid range. It is even more useful at long range with its high accuracy and Hi-Power.

To kill easier in mid-range, you must aim the gun precisely and shoot steady to prevent the bullet spread from increasing. You must be aware to look for enemies in close range. Although its firepower can beat weapons such as the Beretta and P226, you could get killed by an opponent that uses a machine pistol or a shotgun.

You unlock the Desert Eagle once you reach Level 6. The price is 7980 gold.


  • The Desert Eagle is available in 3 skins
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Silver


  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX is usually used it was a variants of Desert Eagle.
  • In game, the Desert Eagle has a mistake in its name as it's refered as "IME Desert Eagle Mk XIX" instead of "IMI Desert Eagle".
  • Useful in Mid-range and Close range.