The M249 is a first purchaseable Light Machine Gun when you reach Level 8. This M249 has a smilar version such as FN Minimi was manufactured in FN Herstal.


The M249 was operated by gas operated and air-cooled. This barrel it has a quick-change when the gun misfire even overheated. The Magazine can be equipped between 30 Rounds STANAG Magazine and 150 rounds box magazine, But it's relativity light, but you cannot reload when you use the 150 rounds box magazine unless you can reload using 30 rounds STANAG Magazine.

Because it's light, still lack of automatic firepower, But it still low accuracy. And also the bullets still spreading once you continue fired, You can control your gun it often more mobility which can jump, and sprint.


  • The FN M249 is similar to FN Minimi
  • It uses 5.56x45mm NATO
  • It's low accuracy