The Beretta ingame.

== Beretta M9==

The Beretta M9 is the first Pistol you achieve in Operation 7. It comes in 3 different Skins: The normal black one, a chrome one and a pale golden one.

Ingame CharacteristicsEdit

The Beretta uses the [[[9x19] ]]caliber and a mag with 15 Shots. The mag is probably the only Strenght of the Beretta, which makes it to one of the weakest Pistols. The Ironsights of the Beretta aren't good, and the Beretta has a semi-strong Idle-Sway.


Contrary to the above, it will be interesting to know the power of the M9 is actually not half bad if you get hits to the chest you can achive a kill within 2 shots, provided you lend them in the upper chest region without hitting the arms or hands, Its ironsights: that is personal preference they arent good nor bad, it depends on what fits the user. If you are able to play significantly with this weapon you could be seen as a decent player in the community.