The MG3 is a Light Machine Gun requiring a level 25 to buy via Gold. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round, which means it deals a base damage of 85 per hit.


The MG3 is a massive machine gun that has one belt of 120 rounds and little to no options at all. It has quite the recoil and very high damage to match.

The MG3, although having high weight, has a high damage output and high fire rate, which gives it the principle of "If one misses, 49 wont." If compensated enough, the MG3 can be treated as an overgrown SMG.


As of now, there are very little attachments for the MG3 except for multiple sights.

Tips & HintsEdit

  • The MG3 is basically a camping gun due to the weight and high recoil. Having only 120 rounds of ammunition doesn't help much either.
  • Due to the cons greatly out weighing the pros of this gun, it is commonly avoided by most players. Before investing both a slot and cash/gold on a MG3, make sure you practice very well with it in the firing range, and make sure you have a good feel for its style of play.
  • Unlike an SMG, the MG3 weighs a whopping 13.5+KG. This means you wont be able to jump across many gaps you normally could, and not only do you lose stanima faster, you move slower. Head on assaults with this weapon is not recommended. Instead, try to sneak aroudn back and mow them down. You also can try cmping at Close-Medium ranges.
  • Its also recommended you avoid using this gun in clan matches just simply due to its bulkiness.
  • Try to use a light secondary weapon (The P228 works wonders, being only 1kg.)
  • Range is your worst enemy with an MG3. Try to get the surprise on the enemy by camping or running around back. In a fire fight, the Mg3 rarely loses to CQC.
  • Recoil is almost perfectly upwards, and can actually push you backwards a bit. As such, aim low and take advantage of its recoil.
  • Bursting to single shot is nearly impossible, but short bursts = most efficient.
  • Take advantage of no reloads.


  • The MG3 is a reworked MG42, which includes (but surely not limited to) a reworked roller-locked bolt system, lower caliber (from 7.92x57mm Mauser to 7.62x51mm NATO), and lower refire (from a max of 1500 rpm to 1200 rpm)
  • In real life the MG3 would have a rate of fire of 800-1200 rounds per minute (based on bolt used). This was probably patched for balance reasons.
  • It also, in real life, features an interchangable barrel system.
  • It seems odd that such a gun would not have a Bipod in Op7, Perhaps it will be added at a future date.