Micro uzi

The Micro Uzi is a secondary weapon in Operation 7 unlocks at Level 33.


The Uzi is an Israli SMG blowback operated. Is considered use in rest of the world. It comes the variants mostly are machine pistol. Micro Uzi is a military variant when comes equiped with silencer, barrel lengths with 4.6 inch weighs in approx. 2kg, 9x19mm Parabellum. It has a firing rate of 600 rpm. And fixed iron sights.


Since the firing is slightly high like Uzi unlike the Skorpion and Glock-18C has a high rate of fire and low recoil. Desperately the recoil decrasely half over and slightly unstable to spray.

The accuracy is firmly low, and almost like Beretta 93R (which is fires with Semi-auto and 3-shot burst). Useless in other range (due to equiped with silencer), but when equiped some other types of cartridges, and actually the damage is slightly moderate damage and unmatch of other cartridges with high damages.

It is only recommend use in close-range when equiped with a ball-type cartridge does have a slightly moderate damages. And normal cartridge is unstable to close-combat and lacks of damages of itself.