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Welcome to Operation 7 Wiki!

Welcome To the Operation 7 Wiki! :D

You can browse around the site or test wiki-code to your heart's content in our Sandbox.

Operation 7 is a free online First Person Shooter made by NetGame and is known for its highly customizable weapons.


  • Today: News Bulletin - I have taken a very long break from this wiki in order to edit Nexon and Combat Arms Wikis, where I am now admins. Due to recent computer issues, including having to wipe my hard drive, I have been unable to play Operation 7 and obtain accurate information (the website only has partial, sometimes inaccurate stats, I've found). This weekend will be the beginning of spring break, so I'll be able to play Op7 again and continue working on the wiki! SeaCrane_1 00:53, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

What`s your favorite starter gun?

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