Hello everyone! This page is a, as of yet, tentative list of requirements for becoming an admin. Keep in mind that even if you meet the requirements, you aren't guaranteed to be granted adminship.

Basic Prerequisites Edit

The first and most important prerequisite is not one of the individual seeking adminship but rather of the Wiki itself. The Wiki must have a certain minumum of community members to justify adding another admin. Keeping an appropriate admin-to-user ratio is important. As for individuals, they must meet the following requirements: They have to be active members of the Wiki for at least 1 month. They must have made enough edits to be recognized as a Top User (this is subjective to the community's size however). They must have demonstrated a willingness and ability to justly and appropriately maintain this Wiki, as well as the same willingness to help members of the community. Most importantly, they must demonstrate a competency in using the English language (we can't have admins who cannot spell maintaining the site).