The SG 55x series is based off of Swiss Arms (formerly SiG) SG 55x series battle rifles. They excel at Accuracy and Range, but lack damage and control. all fire the 5.56x45 NATO round, doing a base of 65 damage per shot.


SG 550 - The classic Battle Rifle first developed. It features an integrated Bi-Pod and a 20.8" barrel.

SG 551 - a shortened, lighter variant, featuring a 14.3" barrel

SG 552 - A Carbine Commando variant of the SG 55x series. Usually seen with a perp knob and a 8.9" barrel.

SG 550 Sniper - A reworked SG 550 with a Hammer-Forged 25.6" barrel and adjustable Buttstock.

SG 556 (base not ingame) - A Civilian variant, although the base is not included, the parts are.


The SG 55x series' best friend is range. As such, a SG 550 sniper with a 556 foregrip will allow you to put it through almost any situation. It has accuracy that rivals most sniper rifles, while having the refire of an assault rifle. T boot, its max weight is under 8kg, which makes this an excellent multirole weapon.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The SG 550 Sniper is one of the most accurate Assault Rifles in Operation 7. Be sure to take that to your advantage while ingame.
  • a SG 550 Sniper with iron sights can work well in mid-close range fights aswell, although its no competition for a G3 or M14.
  • With a little practice, you can easily headshot across most maps, especially Hellway 3 and Sidewinder. You'll be blured from Fog of War before your range/accuracy causes you to miss.

Real Facts:

  • The SG550 orginally has been in development since the 1970s. It wasnt adopted by the Swiss army until 1990. It still is in service.
  • The SG 556 was built solely for the US Civilian market, and features a unique foregrip, semi-automatic fire only, and a M4 telescopic stock.
  • The original SG 550 Magazine only held 20 rounds, and was designed to fire 5.6x45mm rounds. Later, it was adapted for NATO 5.56 rounds, and a extended magazine of 30 rounds.
  • The SG 550 Sniper was designed for Swiss Security Forces, and local police departments. It is no longer in production.