The SPAS-15 and the Valtra PM-5/PM-5-350 are the two primary weapon shotguns available in Operation 7. The SPAS-15 is semi-automatic while the Valtra PM-5/PM-5-350 is pump action. Both are one-hit kill weapons at close range, making them fall under the category of power weapons. Shotguns fire devastating shells capable of severly injuring or more likely killing a person with ease. Some shotguns are able to fire armor-piercing shells.

Due to the unreallistic range (and power at range) of these shotguns coupled with the rate of fire any shotgun (Not including the pump action mossberg secondary shotgun) shotguns in this game are the most over powered weapons i believe in the history of videogame weapons and I would suggest they are nerfed for range, rate of fire, and damage at long ranges.