Sprinting is reffered to running or jogging is rather than walking is movement available in Operation 7. This may easiler to go each place. But they are travel in short distance before you get tired.


The Sprint is a oldest sports in many Olympic Games. In tutorial after you complete the shooting practice, they are still to finish at exit using Sprint. However if you Sprint the SP will decease 3%, the jumping also will decease SP by 13%, but the HP will not affected. Once your SP reach below 40% that means you are getting tired.

The many ways to keep the SP high by grabbing the bag with mineral water after you kill the opponent, this will not decease either 3 to 7 seconds. But the Stamina Injector that found in Equipments the stamina will not decease in 10 seconds same as the Fast Stamina Injector. The best to keep the SP high is wearing the Nanosuit or simply NSC Suit, the stamina will incease 50% so you can travel in any map.