The Type 87 is a level 1 Assault Rifle.


The Type 87 has low recoil, mediocre power and has a 20 or 30 round magazine. It also has a crude hindsight and mediocre hip fire.


The Type 87 has plenty of options for the newer players.


The Type 87 boasts a very crude and small hindsight as a default. It is recommended that you swap this out. It has the option of a reddot sight, holographic sights, an ACOG, a telescopic sight and nightvision scope.


Sadly, it only has a Three Burst/Full Auto feature similar to the K2.


It has lots of grips to choose from, even allowing for the fearsome M203 Grenadier to be attached as well.


The Type 87 has no carbine version, and only allows for silenced and unsilenced barrels.


The Type 87 has many versions avalible.


Boasts four 30 round magazines and six 20 round magazines.


The Type 87 Assault Rifle is not widely known due to the fact it is not used in the Western Militaries, or Korea. Also contributing to this fact is that it is hidden far down the Assault rifle list.

Tips & HintsEdit

  • As with any gun, going for headshots is recommended.
  • The Type 87 has a little jittery recoil, so torse shots are best recommended.


  • The Type 87 is hardly used in any other FPS, as it is Chinese.