Heckler & Koch GmbH




5.56x45mm NATO

Barrel length

9 inch (compact), 12.5 inch (carbine), 20 inch (sharpshooter)


30/90 (30 rounds and 3 magazine reserves)

Selective fire

Semi-Auto, Automatic (Full-Auto)

The XM8 is an assault rifle, design by Heckler & Koch which shares in their G36 rifle.


The XM8, where design for a U.S. military under by the U.S. Army for late '90s and early in 2000s. Many aspects as a standard rifles replacing their M16s and M4s, due to it's lightweight, with an RDS (Red Dot Sights), plus accessories such as the forehand grip, laser sight and etc. Unfortunately, it was unable to meet their performances and weights, when the project holds on April 15, 2005, and was cancelled in October 15, 2005. However, the rifle were service in Malaysia forces and some of private militaries.


The XM8 was a lightweight rifle, effective in different ranges, tight recoil and high accuracy. The recoil is respectably low, almost were shots climbs vertically without using an RDS. The Red-Dot sights is an standard attachment were effective in mid-point range with or without using forehand grips that can reduces the effect of recoil. And some of long-range using the semi-auto shots and equips with highest value of accuracy were given depending the stats (exception of compact and carbine). This makes more realiable in terms of weight, damages, and range. Compare of SCAR-L, is less powerful than XM8. Unlike, in competiting online games, due to their alignment of sight, and even the target were hit it, and especially unrealiable when firing automatically using the RDS, making potentially of recoil once is fired. Noteably, for using long range similarity their assault rifles equips with single phase scope, it should once switch their semi-auto means of giving an great value of accuracy in terms of range, less fired bullets and good for upcoming enemies.