Zombie Mode is a PvE(Player vs. Engine) game mode in Operation7. It was the first AI mode of its kind to be put in the game.

The game mode has five levels; the entire mode takes place on a cargo ship. The players are pitted against the undead throughout the entire mode.

There are four difficulty settings: Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and Purgatory.

Regardless of difficulty, the zombies are very strong, so teamwork is the key to victory.

Trivia Edit

  • This mode was very much suggested by the players of Operation7.
  • Prior to being introduced to the game, ParkESM added an ad for the new mode with the phrase "OPZ coming soon" in game for about a year.
  • The American players never saw this mode placed in their game.
  • Although playing this mode is recommended with a team, it is possible to play the mode solo.